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"Log Home Scriber For Sale"
(The story of how and when this tool was developed)

I was first introduced to the art of log construction in 1975 while working for the Forest Service in McCall, Idaho. We were working on a project that involved building log walls using a chinkless style technique with Swedish coped saddle notches. We were using a pair of dividers and a draw scribe to mark the logs. The process involved multiple steps of marking the logs and removing the wood with various tools including a chainsaw and axe. This was a slow and imprecise method, but if you were patient and careful the results were very rewarding.

The next spring I helped a friend build the walls for an octagon log house in Troy, Idaho. We soon found that a saddle notch on a corner other than 90 degrees was far less forgiving. I added the two line levels to the dividers and perfected the technique for use of the L. B. Scribe over the course of that summer. I built two more sets of walls that summer and instructed numerous people in the use of this scriber. That was the end of my log house building career and it was only recently that I became interested in the scriber again. I have researched similar scribers available for sale. I feel that you will find that the improvements I have made to my original design make my scriber a superior tool to anything on the market today.

I hope you have lots of fun building the log home of your dreams and maybe after you are finished you will have a hand crafted L. B. Scribe mounted above your fireplace as a converstational piece.

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