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"Log Home Scribers For Sale"
(and the story of how and when this tool was developed).

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My scribers are individually hand crafted. The body is constructed of fine select woods. At this time I have cherry wood and vertical grain fir scribers in stock. For a $10 charge I will build your scriber from a wood of your choice. The scriber has a duel bubble level that is adjustable in the vertical and horizonal planes so it can hold a point over another point in 3 dimensions while scribing a log. The scriber is adjustable and can be used for working with logs with diameters up to 24 inches. To order: contact me at the e-mail address below and place your order. Please include your name and mailing address. I will confirm your order via e-mail and ship your scribe as soon as I recieve payment.

Price: $85. Includes: Shipping and Handling within the US

The story behind the Scriber.

E-Mail: abob@moscow.com